Videoconferencing in the classroom

This workshop is the perfect introduction to anyone new to or would like to update their skills using videoconferencing in the classroom.

To date a few schools have engaged with videoconferencing and now they  find this technology can help them to meet challenges such as differentiated support for students, personalisation of learning and  cost-effective continuing professional development, both received and delivered. Using this technology has also shown to increase  student engagement through access to experts to support learning.

“When we attended this event colleagues found it useful to have Videoconferencing clearly explained and demonstrated. 

Few realised how easily, and at minimal or no cost, that it could be setup and prove useful in their schools.  

Mr Jonathan Pascall


Year 6 Teacher & Director of ICT


Specialist Leader of Education

The Greetland Academy

The facilities that videoconferencing provides can help to address these through the use of FREE or lost-cost technology and provide connection and communication between individuals, groups and organisations.

The purpose of this workshop is to look at the technology and address the following

  • Why use videoconferencing.
  • What equipment is needed and how should a classroom be organized.
  • Videoconferencing and eSafety.
  • Activities for getting started in your school.
  • Finding content providers.
  • Opportunities that videoconferencing offers for professional support and development.
  • Using the videoconferencing services v-scene.

This workshop will give attendees the knowledge to be able to work with other schools both locally and internationally through VC and also to be able to take part in YorkshireVC and national VC events such as Wes Magee and Father christmas.

Suitable for all key stages and cross curricular. We will also be connecting to a national content provider via VC who will talk to us about their sessions.

Once you have taken part in the workshop you may like to have a go in a FREE MY First VC with YorkshireVC.

Dates:  TBA

Cost: FREE

You can download a sample flyer here : YVC workshop Halifax