Father Christmas

Bring your pupils on a virtual visit with Father Christmas

Santa Claus is a very busy man, particularly when it gets close to Christmas. As a result he cannot always make personal appearances at schools, but thanks to a partnership with YorkshireVC we have arranged for you to have your very own virtual visit to Lapland where you can spend time with the big man himself.

Visit Santa at Yorkshirevc.co.uk

2018 dates

Monday 3rd December to Friday 21st December 2018, with a number of sessions running per day.

Sessions  run on the hour:

Uk – GMT: 9am,10am,11am,1.00pm and 2pm.

USA – EST: 9am, 10am, 11am, 12 Noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.

When making your booking please check you are booking the session in your correct time zone, the system has sessions for both the UK and USA

Cost for Santa is £40 per session and can be paid via purchase order (we will then invoice you), Pay Pal or credit /debit card.


Any school booking a Santa session can participate in the FREE sing-a-song for Santa on Thursday 20th December subject to places available on a first come first served basis. Sing a song can only be delivered over the Desktop/V-scene system so sorry can’t link with Skype/Facetime on this occasion. Book your place when making your santa booking.


Booking available from Feb 2017

Sing A song For Santa

This extra special session and  maybe for your older children is now available FREE to schools

10 spaces are available and sorry first come first served.

Thursday 20th December 2018 1.00pm to 3.00pm GMT for UK schools  https://yorkshirevc.co.uk/sing-a-song-for-santa/

Your Santa Visit

Age Range

This virtual visit can be tailored to any age range within Foundation, KS1 or KS2. It can be run with individual classes, year groups or even whole key stages or schools.

What will the virtual visit include?

The virtual visit will be tailored to suit your requirements, but as a guide will include

  • welcome from Santa as he shows you around his home
  • Santa can check your pupils on his list to find out who has been naughty and nice
  • pupils can ask Santa questions about his life, what its like in Lapland, how he gets everything prepared for Christmas and how the reindeer are getting on
  • your pupils can help Santa get all the presents ready with sorting activities
  • your pupils can share their letters, art work and stories with Santa


The virtual visit will last between 30 and 50 minutes, depending on the amount of participation you would like your pupils to have. The virtual visit can be with any size group, large or small, although obviously the size of the group will influence the opportunities that individuals have for asking questions etc. Alternatively your visit could be split into two shorter sessions should you wish.

Download our  Teachers Welcome Pack

Visit Santa at Yorkshirevc.co.uk

What schools have said about previous visits…

Thank you so much for a more than realistic “chat with Santa” the children were completely immersed in the session, truly of the belief they we taking to Santa himself. After the session the children enthusiastically shared their experience with the older children and parents.

Kathryn Grimshaw, Foundation and KS1 teacher, Fairburn community primary school.

Hi. The children loved the conference call with Santa. It was so magical when they heard their names. I said to one child I wonder how Santa knew about your lip and without a shadow of doubt she said “well the elves were watching of course!!”  Thank you for this and if there are any other activities you can direct us to that would be great.

Happy Christmas

Delia Andrews, Head Teacher, Burton Salmon Community School.


A welcome from santa 

Santa is busy but you may get to see the elf

Links to the Curriculum

Of course the main reason for this virtual visit will be to experience the sheer joy and Christmas magic that your pupils will get from spending time with Santa in Lapland.

However, taking part in any video conference provides many opportunities for developing speaking and listening skills. Pupils have to take turns and soon realise that it is not possible for them to all talk at once. The focused nature of the visit will encourage concentration and listening skills. The visit takes the form of a group conversation so it is an excellent vehicle for developing good listening and turn-taking behaviour.

Pupils have the opportunity to

  • speak clearly, preparing beforehand what questions they are going to ask and choosing those words carefully. They will also need to take into account the needs of the presenter –  speaking clearly and slowly, and repeating questions when needed (KS1 Speaking En 1a, b, c, f; KS2 Speaking En 1c, e)
  • listen carefully to what is being said, and keep concentrating otherwise they may miss an instruction or learning point. Deciding if you need to ask further questions to clarify points and listen to the questions and answers that other pupils are asking as well. (KS1 Listening En 2a, b, d, e; KS2 Listening En 2c, e)
  • learn how to participate in a group discussion by taking turns to speak and understanding that different people have different parts to play in a group discussion (KS1 Speaking En 3a, b; KS2 Speaking En 3a)
  • speak to a wider range of people than the audience within school, and listen to adults giving detailed explanations and presentations (KS1 Speaking En 8d, 9b; KS2 Speaking En 8b, 9a)
  • experience video conferencing as an ICT tool to facilitate collaboration between people separated by distance, and how this can be used as a wider tool both within and outside school (ICT KS1 5b,c)

Some Resources you may find useful for younger children.

All in pdf format click to download.

Make a hand and foot reindeer

Make a Rudolf at Yorkshirevc.co.uk 


A letter from santa

Letter from Santa

Some winter poems –  with kind permission from Wes Magee

a week of winter weather

its christmas time poem

Worksheets – FS early KS1

Downloadable resources from yorkshirevc.co.uk

Sort Shapes Sort Shapes BW Sort Colours
Shape Mix Up Shape Mix Up BW Letter Template
Santa Adjectives

Download the snowmen rom Yorkshirevc.co.uk

Some snowman alphabet cards Colour Snowman

Santa reads – T’was the night before christmas


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