UK VC Partnerships – Primary Award Winners 2015

YorkshireVC and Rotherham CLC are working together to deliver cross curricular videoconferencing sessions to Rotherham primary schools.

The UK VC partnerships group said:

“Most impressed with the imagination behind these videoconferences, covering such a range of topics and curriculum areas across the various Key Stage groups. The fact that each session is customised  to the schools’ current themes show the thought that has gone into these projects. The technical expertise demonstrated here is so valuable to prepare the sessions and ensure a successful videoconference, as is the expertise of the teachers to prepare the children for the sessions.”

The UK VC Partnerships group is made up of people working in education and technology, based in various regions of the UK who encourage and promote the use of videoconferencing.

Our thanks go to all who made this such a success and to all the schools taking part. 

You can see the case study HERE .