AVer EVC300

This is another AVer system we have evaluated with the content provider in mind. With multiple inputs and outputs the system will cover all your needs, from 2nd cameras, visualises or even chromakey systems. The built in 4 point MCU makes it ideal for cross site or campus Video Conferencing.

AVer EVC300

Cost 3,999 ex VAT

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The “All-in-One” EVC300 is suitable for any budget, offering small to medium-size organizations the perfect full HD video conferencing solution. The 4-site, high performance MCU video conferencing system features real-time full HD 1080p video streaming and content sharing coupled with a full HD 16X PTZ camera, microphone array, sleek UI and compact system design. The EVC300’s 3-year standard warranty gives users peace of mind and the Open Client-AV software allow users to connect to PC, Mac and iPad ensuring no conferences are missed.

Key Features

  • 4 points embedded MCU suitable for local and international business needs
  • automatically detects main speaker and enlarges their layout thus reducing accidental interruptions
  • record everything on the screen directly to a flash drive even when you’re not in a call
  • connect up to 4 MICs into 1 daisy chain for excellent audio reception in larger rooms
  • configure your system and troubleshoot issues in real-time from a remote site
  • enjoy peace of mind with EVC300’s industry-leading 3-year warranty
  • achieve smooth audio and video streaming under erratic network conditions through AVer’s exclusive High Efficiency Lost Packet Recovery mechanism (HELPeR™)
  • achieve fast and simple integration with your pre-existing audio-visual equipment setup and universal controllers via telnet (API)
  • playback recorded meetings in the original .vc file format, or convert them into .mov files with the latest version of VCPlayer
  • capture every expression clearly with the EVC300’s full HD1080p resolution at 2M/2M bandwidth
  • experience 30fps video conferencing resulting in a crystal clear, lag-free video feed
  • share and receive content from laptops, visualizers (document cameras) and similar devices while still displaying the live video feed at full HD1080p 30fps
  • connect with any far-site device supporting the H.323 protocol, and the H.239 protocol for content sharing
  • built in SIP server and registrar to allow SIP-based devices to join in the meeting
  • enjoy video conferencing on PC, Mac and iPad by downloading AVer’s mobility software  Open Client-AV


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Download the brochure HERE (in PDF format)