Hosting Service

YorkshireVC  are able to offer hosting packages for the popular WordPress blogging system.

Many of the advantages to the services are:

  • A system which allows multiple class blogs i.e.  or
  • No advertising or links to other undesirable websites.
  • Regular updates to the system.
  • Servers held within the UK, backed up and with a secure deletion** if you decide to leave the service.
  • Several options are available, giving you control at all times with the ability to move from one option to another at a later date (subject to cost).

Your Base Option:

£60 / Year plus a one off £10 set up fee Plus the cost of the domain name if required.

  • 20GB of website space
  • FTP Access if required
  • 1 years subscription to the system.
  • Initial multi class configuration for use in schools.
  • e-mail support and access to our support blog.
  • A sub domain from the yourschoolblog.yorkshirevc  or A unique URL address for you blog i.e. (where available).

With support:

Additonal £50 / Year

For piece of mind you can add a 1 year support contract which gives all the above including:

  • 2 on-line CPD webinars using the system, for 1 end point which can be just to one person or all the staff watching and taking part on a IWB.
  • Uploading of initial students names/passwords.
  • Access to the ticket logging system keeping a track of all your support.
  • Assistance to transfer from other working blogging systems (i.e. export of posts and pages).
  • Configuration to google and bing analytics and dashboard to monitor and drive visitors to your site.
  • Configuration and connection to your social media network such as twitter.

All prices are excluding standard rate VAT. Use the form below and we will contact you.

Note: As well as WordPress we also host and support other open-source systems from Joomla, Moodle, Typo3, Concrete, wikimedia, e-commerce.. the list goes on:  contact us to find out what we can do for you.

We have a short keeping safe guide whn blogging HERE

Sites are monitored for “fair usage”