YorkshireVC - Yorkshire Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a great tool for schools but a little thought and care is needed when used in the classroom.

Your VC equipment :

  • All videoconference equipment should be switched off when not in use.
  • Make sure your equipment is secure to avoid any un-authorised use.
  • Do not set your equipment  to auto answer.
  • When using H323 systems connected to the national broadband network (ie you must follow the national dialling (E164)scheme – If your unsure what you number is please contact YorkshireVC and we will be able to advise.
  • Do configure your endpoint with your venue or school name.
  • Do not publish your external IP address, or VC details.
  • Keep any admin passwords secure.
  • Students must be supervised when making or answering calls
  • Do not share your v-scene login, additional users can be requested from the website and register.

Videoconference Sessions:

  • If sessions are been recorded or streamed ensure permission has been sought from and agreed by all participants, may need to include parental permission’s forms.
  • It must be made clear what the recording is to be used for and stored in a safe and secure manor.
  • Make sure you have permission for any 3rd party resources you may use in the session.
  • Sessions should be supervised appropriately for the age of the students.
  • Check with the other parties their content is appropriate  for your class.

You may want to add a videoconferencing section to your schools safeguarding policy and review as appropriate.