Connecting to you

YorkshireVC - Yorkshire Video Conferencing

If you’ve never tried video conferencing in school before, it can sound as daunting as taking your class out for a real visit. However, it really is quite simple, and uses the same kinds of technology that you will already be familiar with at work and at home.

We are able to deliver content over most video formats. As you will see their are a number of FREE options available which just require a webcam.

V-scene – over 

  • A full H323 endpoint registered on JISC v-scene (was JVCS).
  • A Full H323 endpoint with an external IP address.
  • A laptop using software like PVX registered on JISC v-scene.
  • The FREE JISC v-scene browser software, you just need a webcam.
  • Visimeet on v-scene.


You can click HERE to register your school (uk schools only) in the service, or YorkshireVC can do it on your behalf.


We can use the FREE Skype software where your local authority broadband will allow, just add a webcam.

You can download the Skype software HERE


For apple users , preferably a Mac or iPad connected to a projector / large screen

Google Hangouts

If you have a free .gmail account you can use Google Hangouts with us. Like Skype just connect your computer to a projector and add a web cam. Your Local authority may need to configure your firewall to allow this.


We have access to additional on-line collaborative tools , you will just need a web cam. The two we normally use are Adobe Connect and Webex.

However we connect to you we strongly advise a test call prior to any event – You could try our FREE My First VC. On booking we will  advise on the options available to your school and give you our full support in making the session a success.