Read Around the Planet (RAP): 2019



Connection Dates Feb 26th – 7th March 2019 .  Registration from 3rdDecember 2018

Celebrate 18 years of Read Around the Planet!

Read Around the Planet is a celebration of NEA’s Read Across America. Classrooms use videoconferencing to connect with other classrooms “around the planet” and read to each other. The activity is sponsored by TWICE in co-operation with NEA.

Registration available from the 3rd December 2018 (YVC will do this for you)

  • Dec. 3- Jan. 11, 2019 – REGISTRATION
  • Jan. 11-31, 2019 – Matching Class Partners
  • Feb. 1, 2019 – Class Details Emailed and Online
  • Feb. 26-March 7, 2019 – Connections Occur

TWICE provides the registration tool, matches classrooms with partners, and provides support documents. Participating classrooms are responsible for their own video connection and developing their own reading activities for the event.

This activity is open to all  students ages 5-18 in public and private schools who have access to two-way videoconferencing equipment (h323). (UK Schools who don’t have any hardware can use the the FREE V-scene connection software HERE ).

You can participate in English or their are special sections for Spanish, ESL or Special Ed. Classes in Spanish, ESL or Special Ed will receive a match with the same section, BUT MAY NOT be the same grade level.

Your class will be matched with a class from a different location and each class will exchange reading activities.

Read Around the Planet Activity Ideas:

  • Skits – Plays
  • Raps – Songs
  • Dramatizations
  • Student-created books
  • Game/quiz shows
  • Student projects in current curriculum
  • News show about your community

You can download the teacher pack HERE.

To Register (UK schools) you can contact YorkshireVC directly at who will organise and test your connection to the project.

There is NO CHARGE for this event.

Classroom to classroom connections will take place

February – March , 2019.

Time choices are on every half hour between 8am- 4pm in your local time.

Each connection is scheduled for an hour: A suggested format.

  • 10 min. Introductions and sharing maps
  • 15 min. The first class leads the interaction
  • 15 min. The second class leads the interaction
  • 10 min. Q&A exchange about schools & communities
  • 10 min. Extra time in case of connection issues

Any questions about connectivity for schools in the UK and participating in the project can be directed to

A overview video is below (requires access to YouTube)