Curriculum Kitchen

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Curriculum kitchen provides a multi-sensory approach to learning, using background music, visual materials and related artefacts to accompany their ‘hands-on’ cooking and crafts. They deliver all their history programmes wearing period dress. They provide an opportunity for children to handle, prepare and enjoy interesting and stimulating food and craft items related to themed areas across the National Curriculum for KS2. Their themes are thoroughly researched to make firm links with the National Curriculum.


Below is a small sample of the sessions available, see more of them on their website,  some of which can be delivered via video conference, please ask.

Not another tudor wedding…

Help Mistress Quickly and Lady Jane prepare a banquet to celebrate another of Henry’s weddings. Find out how soot was used as a fashion accessory by the Tudors. Make a nosegay and learn why you would have needed to use it!

VE day Party

Help Gertie and Daisy make the party food. Are you up to the ‘Rationing Challenge? Will you like parsnip sandwiches? Find out what evacuated children ate and why. Learn about digging for victory and plan your vegetable plot! Dales Countryside Museum’s WWII suitcases of artefacts and a background of wartime songs and propaganda posters support this workshop.

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