Advanced Scratch

This workshop will look at some of the advance techniques used when programming in scratch. This session can also be run online directly to students during the day to support teachers. Please contact for further information.

advanced Scratch

Included in the session subject to time…

Importing Your own resources

  • Sprites
  • Backgrounds
  • Sounds

Bringing your sprites to Life

Using Broadcast to trigger other actions or sub routines

Using Lists for Data Handling

Using Variables to Create games with levels

Conditional Loops with Boolean expressions

Using ask and answer in lists

The session will be using examples, great  resource to help your students move to the next level  when creating in scratch.

An awareness/use of scratch will be required for this session. We will be using version 2 of scratch but will be compatible with version 1.4

after the workshop delegates will have the opportunity to stay on-line for a Q&A /help session if required.

We run this session on-demand at a time convenient with you, either throughout the day or as a twilight session contact to arrange.

On-line £20 per endpoint for a single delegate or  £40 per class/group