Barefoot – Australia


Barefoot is a sponsored provider of educational content and a digital platform for sharing the natural world. Whether it be in the ancient peat-rich archipelagos of the Sub-Antarctic, or the arid wide-open deserts of the Australian Outback, every place on Earth has a story and a purpose. Barefoot tells these stories.

The allurement of nature is a powerful force in my world. I am conscientious of its importance, its intricacies, its sheer beauty and continual energy for perfection. I am not removed but rather a part of the greater natural world.

Every project has a story and these stories are shared through film. Every story has a lesson, these lessons are professionally developed to cater for all ages and stages of learning and delivered using secure video conference technology. Each session is scaffolded appropriately to reflect either curriculums or programs specific to school, state or country. Each session can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, it’s up to you.

Here’s a sample session

Please contact the provider directly if you would like to take part. (Details correct as of November 2015 and may be subject to change)