The Barefoot Computing Programme

Supported by the Department for Education, The Barefoot Programme aims to support primary school educators to deliver the computing curriculum, helping young people become confident ‘computational thinkers’, in order to enrich their career options and life choices.

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  • Easy-to-use cross-curricular classroom resources
  • Comprehensive self-teach materials
  • In-school CPD Workshops

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Cross-curricular computing resources

  • Easy-to-use, engaging and effective classroom activities
  • Cross-curricular design, so computing concepts can be easily incorporated throughout the primary curriculum and enhance pupils’ progress in a range of subjects
  • Include pupil learning objectives and curriculum links
  • Multi-platform activities, which can be adapted to use with or without computers
  • Available to download at

Self-teach notes

  • Help teachers deepen their understanding of key computing concepts, language and vocabulary
  • Suggest key approaches for introducing these terms and concepts to pupils
  • Available to download at

CPD Workshops

  • Lively, hands-on sessions to give teachers the confidence to bring computer science to life in the classroom
  • Delivered in school by a local, friendly, trained Volunteer
  • Can be run as part of inset days, lunchtime or after-school sessions
  • 60- or 90-minute sessions available, depending on your school’s needs
  • Request a CPD Workshop today by registering at